Sun Space’s eclectic brand of EDM offers listeners a much needed escape from reality. The producer/DJ keeps their identity hidden, preferring to let the music speak for itself. And while they draw inspiration from a wide variety of genres, the tracks are united by an irresistible emotional pull, and an unwavering sense of purpose that separates them from the crowd.

While Sun Space has always taken refuge in music, the lockdown of 2020 gave a chance for full immersion in their sound.  While composing in isolation, they began envisioning a time when people could come together and share the ecstatic feeling of live music again. This vision kept them motivated to create meaningful music that listeners could one day get lost in.

With elements of house and dance spun together with pop and hip-hop influences, Sun Space’s debut releases represent the emergence of a one of a kind artist. Not driven by the pursuit of fame, they are simply dedicated to bringing their sound to a wider audience. With new releases expected in 2023 and beyond, Sun Space is well on their way to becoming a fixture in modern EDM.